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Center for Behavioral Wellness was established to provide efficient, expert solutions to the treatable chronic disease of addiction. Taking that first step towards recovery is often times the most difficult decision one must make. With Center for Behavioral Wellness addiction treatment program, you can get off to a great start and for the first time, have a solid foundation, and have an addiction help program that you can accept and believe in. 
Center for Behavioral Wellness strives on:
  • Leadership - Evidenced in optimism about change, promoting the mission, acceptance of the achievable, and the perseverance in the pursuit of the desired future.
  • Integrity - Evidenced in the dedication to the service and spirit of optimal medical care of the disease of addiction and its complications.
  • Respect - Evidenced in empathy for the human condition and uncompromising commitment to those affected by addictive illness.
  • Openness - Evidenced in inclusion of a diversity of patients personal life choices, accepting without stigma or judging, promoting a diversity of medical/non-medical treatments to assist our patients.
  • Advocacy - Evidenced in boldly speaking up on behalf of persons with the disease of addiction, in life areas as needed, including educational, legal, medical, social, familial, spiritual advocacy.
  • Connectedness - Evidenced in availability to active whenever we meet and in-between, and in synergistic collaborations with other health-care, legal, spiritual, and social professionals to achieve our goals. 


  • increase access to and improve the quality of addiction treatment
  • to help patients learn other options to cope and deal with life challenges/stress
  • to support stable abstinence of patients and prevention of recurrent sabotaging behaviors
  • to promote the appropriate role of the physician in the care of patients with addiction
  • to establish appropriate treatment plans for each patient, individualized to that patient and their family
  • to assist with functional, healing, healthy life goals, directions, and behaviors

Core Purpose
To improve the care and treatment of people with the disease of addiction and advance the quality of patients' life patterns.