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Here's what some of my patients have said...

"I recently moved from Virginia to Tennessee. Dr. Soper was very professional, he did everything by the book, insisted on me showing proof that I resided in Tennessee, etc. Once I obtained an appointment with him, he showed that "personal" care. He actually showed compassion and made sure I was on my own personal treatment plan (tailored to my needs). He also provided me with his personal phone #, for which to call him if I ever had an issues or questions (which is absolutely unheard of with out-patient addiction specialists). I moved back to VA temporarily, but now back in Nashville, I plan on calling his office & going back to him. He truly is the best/most caring doctor I have ever had the pleasure of knowing." - Mr.Taylor

"I am a patient being treated for chemical dependency by Dr. Richard Soper. I am a long term drug user who has been in treatment ( rehab, both in and out patient) numberous times with no sucess. Since I have been a patient of Dr. Soper's I have remained clean, and have begun to rebuild my life. Besides my own will, I credit this change to the treatment I am receiving from Dr. Soper. Never have I met a physician with so much dedication to his work and patients. Personal calls from the doctor (I have never spoken to an assistant) and the personal attention he gives to me, and all of his patients is refreshing. His sessions are always straight forward and to the point (no bull and complete honesty is a requirement from the doctor, and is essential for successful treatment). He is non-judgemental and he makes it easy for patients to be completely honest with him. With all of the time, patients, and personal attention he gives each one of his clients, it is easy tp see why he has such a high success rate. I recommend Dr.Soper to anyone in the Nashville Area with an addiction who is ready to change his or her life. Along with your dedication to change, and the tools you ill learn from Dr. Soper, you will find success in conquring your disease and you too, will know the happiness of freeing yourself from your addiction." - A. Brown

"Dr.Soper is one of the friendliest, most professional doctors I've ever met. His knowledge of so many aspects involving addiction and recovery, along with his background, have made him an excellent choice for anyone in need of treatment. I would highly recommend him to anyone." - Anonymous

"I was struggling with addiction for many years and thanks to the help of Dr. Soper, I AM CLEAN AND DRUG FREE! Yes, the price may be a little expensive, but I ask you this - HOW MUCH IS YOUR LIFE WORTH? Ask yourself this and then compare it to the cost of the appointment! As long as you are upfront, honest, willing to work on your recovery and don't try to con Dr. Soper, he will not discharge you as a patient and will work with you on any issues you have!: - Anonymous 


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